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Tira Global was established in 1998 as a sales and marketing company specializing in working with European, Asian, Middle East companies wanting to enter into the North American market. In 2005 we expanded this program to include US based companies wanting to expand into the Canadian market, and Canadian manufacturers who want to expand into the US markets.

Tira Global’s Canadian head office is located in Toronto, Ontario with sales office throughout all of Canada. Our US office is located in Oakdale California. Our sales representatives are professionals who are trained to sell decorative products to kitchen and bath dealers, builders, architects, and designers.

 Tira specializes in helping companies determine where there is a market for their products in North America. We will create a strategy outlining the requirements needed to market these products and we will work closely with management to understand your goals. We have had more than 25 years experience helping companies in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, The United States and Asia.

 Some of companies in the Decorative Plumbing market that we have worked with are, Grohe GmbH, Blanco GmbH, Rokal GmbH, Kueco, Hamat from Israel, Zucchetti form Italy, Sutter from Switzerland, Borma from Denmark, Reginox from Holland and Daliem from Korea.

 Some of the furniture companies that I have worked with are Royo from Spain, Sonia from Spain, Inda from Italy, Corbano from Spain, Navamuel from Spain, Cole & Co. from Texas, and Strasser Wooden Works from Washington.  

 Ceramic tile manufacturers that we have worked with are Aparici, Azuvi, Vevus, Grespania, and Portabello.

 We would be pleased to review your product offering, catalogues and price lists, along with the certifications you currently have. We can help you decide, create and implement a marketing strategy for your products.

The cost of doing your own market survey can be very expensive and not always accurate. We know the market, the people and the dealers.

Our agency covers Canada wide with extended satellite agencies based in:

Please review some of the services we offer in our Professional Services Offered section.


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